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I’m very pleased to announce that I’m contributing to the “Room 103” a visual tribute to George Orwell exhibition along with many other international artists.  Many thanks to Glenn Ibbitson and the Saul Hey Gallery and I’m really looking forward to the opening night on the 11th October at 6pm.

Room 103 @ Saul Hay Gallery
11th October -11th November

The Saul Hay Gallery will be opening its “Room 103”, containing paintings, sculpture, and video works paying tribute to the work of writer and journalist George Orwell.

The themes which artists have investigated in this work include issues arising from surveillance techniques, artistic resistance to state repression and the preservation of individual liberties and freedom of expression.

As curator-artist Glenn Ibbitson says “in these times of fake news and false media narratives, we need Orwell’s exemplar of moral integrity more than ever. He has set the conversational pattern amongst my artist friends for several years now, so I decided last year to test the waters and propose a tribute to him. This took the form of an online gallery blog, where like-minded makers could display any work reflecting ‘Orwellian themes’, or art which in some way bears the influence of his writing. From the beginning, I saw this as a virtual window display to attract the attention of a gallery. Ian and Catherine, who operate Saul Hay lent their support at a very early stage.”

The catalogue of works includes contributions from artists from the United States, Italy and Catalonia, reflecting Orwell’s international importance.

We are delighted to welcome the great man’s son, Richard Blair, to open the preview at 6pm on October 11th.

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