I had an absolutely fab time at the New Light prize exhibition, I had a chance to meet some like minded artists with similar interests and chatted about things that could happen in the future (watch this space).   I also managed to meet some of the judges Charming Baker and Reyahn King, and a very quick chat with New Lights CEO Emerson Mayes.  I have always found openings a bit taunting and definitely not my thing, but as all the artist and judges had a chance to meet each other during the pre-preview and with everyone wearing badges, this seemed to break the ice and it became a lot more relaxed and a low key affair.  Besides we were all there for the same thing; to celebrate Northern Art.


Congratulations to Christopher Cook and his ‘Forbidden Fruit‘ (above) –  winner of the Valeria Sykes Award also :-


David Chandler’s ‘The Lobby‘ (above) – winner of the Patrons Choice Award.

Coastal Moonlight II U/F

Deborah Grice’s ‘Coastal Moonlight II‘ (above) – winner of the Saul Hay Emerging Artist Award.


Jan Huntley Peace’s ‘Evaporate‘ (above) – Winner of the New Light Purchase Prize.

I couldn’t leave it there, the exhibition is full of fabulous paintings and prints by very talented artists, I am so proud to be a part of it I just thought I would share a few more artists with you:-


James Naughton’s ‘Subterrain


Glenn Ibbitson’s ‘Barcode: WS19842017‘ and


Glenn Ibbitson’s ‘Human Bridge


Tony Noble’s ‘Temple


Josh Newsome’s ‘Towards Birdwell

and many many more………