Next year sees the 100 years anniversary of the start of World War 1, so I set myself a project to looking for an archived image to paint, but I wanted to draw attention to the unsung hero’s, the people that got left behind to manufacturing items for the war effort and those that kept the country ticking over.  I also wanted to find an image that related to my new adopted home town of Bolton, as I live in the area and attend the University.  After spending some time, I chose an photograph from Bolton Museum [on line], two female workers making trench mortar bombs (commonly referred to as “toffee apples”) at Chadwicks Forge in Bolton taken in 1914.

I took what I learned from my still life Oil painting and I embarked on doing something a little more complicated i.e. using more then one colour 🙂  My method of application was still thin glazes, but what I didn’t consider was how hard it would be to convert a black and white image into a full colour render and especially because I wanted to copy Johannes Vermeer’s style of painting, with a little research, alteration and a lot of artist interpretation I managed to complete the task.


This was my underpainting from my found image, with which a series of glazes were applied over the course of 10 days, the important thing to remember was to add as much detail as possible.  As you can plainly see the back ground has been altered, when the glazes were being applied it came to light that the background were distracting from the figure in the mid ground, so I decided to take away some aspects of the background and blur the foreground.